Human Resource Audits: Key Issues in 2019 On Demand

Jun 20, 2019 1:00PM EST

Duration : 90 min

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Many external and internal forces and factors have an impact on organizations.  Increasingly, this includes a number of strategic, tactical, and legal human resources management issues. Managing these issues plays a critical role in determining an organization’s ongoing success. And like financial audits; HR audits play a critical role. HR audits increasingly provide management with a method to determine the proper use of its human capital, determine where it is being used incorrectly – or unlawfully, and determine how to improve its return on investment.

Key Areas Discussed

· In the global economy, human capital has become the single most important determinant of competitiveness, productivity, sustainability, and profitability.  Increasingly, the organization’s human capital is the source of innovation and a driver of business success.

· There has been a confluence of economic, political, and social factors, including corporate scandals and increasing stockholder initiatives that have resulted in increased statutory and regulatory requirements, a call for greater transparency, and increased internal and external audit activity.

· Governmental agencies have become more active — some would argue more aggressive — and have committed more resources to conducting assessments of employment policies and practices.  Importantly, the EEOC, the OFCCP, the U.S. DOL, and ICE have advised employers that they consider self-assessments and audit a “best practice.”

· How effectively your organization manages its human capital has become a strategic and tactical tool. Effective management of your human capital is now a critical element in helping your organization achieve its objectives and in reducing material risks and liabilities.

· This webinar discusses the development and use of HR Audits in addressing these issues and in developing critical risk management practices.

Session Highlights

·  Learn to identify how to identify the effectiveness of your organization’s human resource management.

·  Determine if your organization’s human capital is helping it achieve organizational objectives.

·  Determine if your organization’s employment policies and practices are creating material risks and liabilities.

·  Review the key human resources management issues in your organization that should be audited and determine if they are properly managed.

·  Review key HR audit tools and methodologies that should be used in conducting the audit.


Who Should Attend

·  HR Professionals

·  Internal and external auditors

·  Risk managers

·  Compliance managers

·  General managers

·  CFO's

·  Legal counsels

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